ADHD is a Kid…

This is what ADHD feels like

ADHD is more than a list of symptoms, brain scans, psychopharmacology and neurobiology.

It’s real people with real issues.

For a moment let’s forget about graphs, pharmacology and scientific hoop-la. Let me describe what ADHD really means to young ADHDer’s — some would say afflicted, continuing the cycle of a mental beat down.


  • Forgetting his backpack
  • Being grumpy in the morning
  • Having a fit when plans change or something unexpected happens.
  • Getting in Trouble For:

  • Humming
  • Pulling the pigtail hanging in front of him
  • Sliding off his chair and chasing the pencil
  • Sliding off his chair and chasing the pencil
  • Throwing spit wads
  • Arguing with the teacher
  • It’s a Feeling of…

  • Having no friends or belonging to a fringe group
  • Forgetting to do an assignment or turn it in or choosing not to do it at all
  • Wanting to do well on assignments, but for many reasons still not turning it it, then a nagging feeling, a wondering, what is wrong with me, that only gets deeper, more profound, with age?
  • Making failing grades
  • Pulling away from mom and running into the parking lot
  • Riding a bike into the street without looking
  • Sticking a finger into an electrical outlet
  • Falling out of a tree
  • Hanging himself accidentally on the gym set
  • Spending most of his time asking himself why can’t he just be normal?
  • Spending the rest of his time listening to others ask why he can’t just be normal?
  • More to Follow…

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