Adults With ADHD 300% More Likely To Start New Business

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Building Up The ADHD Child


You’d be reading this by candle if Edison hadn’t invented the lightbulb. Watching Will Smith either.

On the floor, if your an IKEA shopper, if Ingvar Kamprad had been able to study his history and math instead of reading it backwards.

If John T. Chambers hadn’t started Cisco Systems, you might not be reading this at all.

Forget printing it out for that next presentation, if Paul Orfalea hadn’t been nicknamed Kinko.

That trip you wanna take on Het Blue? Forget it, if there’s no David Neeleman to start it.


If Charles Scwab managed to build the worlds largest brokerage firm you could never upgrad to first class on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Air. Not to mention your grankids might not get to go into space.

All without ever getting your Sexy Back with Justin Timberlake.

What… Why in the world am I listing these people?

They prove a point: to embrace ADHD for the leaders, the innovators, the world changers that they are, and rather than get scared of them, try to define them and crush their much needed confidence by slapping disability on it, so the experts can say they understand it when they don’t, is a terrible disservice to ADHD-ers of all walks.

According to Psychology Today: A person with ADHD is 300% more likely to start a business.

Let that sink in.

Here we are, the Europe’s economy in the tank. Right there with ours. And everyone screaming “Help! We need innovators! The next Steve Jobs!!” All while beating down, shouting “be like everyone else, why can’t you change, be more like Normal,” in the face of the very individuals we seek for salvation.


Come on American Education system! How long are you gonna play footsies about the real issues you face? You want to set this country, this world on fire? See growth? Find the next guy that drops out of college to start a couple billion dollar business or two?

Then Build-up, Empower, and like a Tsunami rushing toward the beach, release your ADHD-ers.

Believing in the Impossible,


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