How To Google Like A Pro: Search Engine Tips and Tricks For High School Students

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Building Up The ADHD Child, Technology and ADHD
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Ben Stiller Eugooglizing in Zoolander

Does How You Search Matter?
The Bing Search Engine Commercials may have been goofy, but the truth is, no matter where or who we are – either a high school student with a research paper, a mid-level manager with a demographics report, or a small business owner wanting to check her online reputation – search engines are a way of life.

Do you Eugooglizer or Google?

Knowing How to Eugooglize in today’s business world and classroom is tantamount to knowing which pedal is the gas, and which is the brake. Hit the wrong one and you find yourself upside down in a creek-bed. Forget having a paddle.

(Wow! I just rolled Google searches, automotive parts and canoes up into one big fat bad analogy. That takes talent.)

Eugooglizer or walk off: it's your choice!

Let’s Get To It!
So here is the scoop. Knowing how to perform a Google search effectively, and efficiently, is the key to modern education and business success.

Keep typing in “How to change Jr.’s Diaper” and keep finding some guy in Russia that doesn’t believe diapers are from God. Or, learn the tip and tricks to help you laser in, ignore the shiny fluffy junk, by following this link, and set yourself apart as a good E-googlizer.

What Are You Waiting For? Either Walk-off, or Eugooglize By Going Here:
Keep Good Google Searches From Going Bad

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