An ARD, The Texas Education Agency, And A Well-Meant Insult

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Buck Normal
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Originally Written: 1-27-2011

I reached my boiling over point two days ago, while in an ARD. I began to growl, as a TEA mandated statement was read, regarding the State of Texas’s classification of ADHD’ers. In this two paragraph statement, the word disability was used 5-7 times.

Imagine being a 16 year old kid in a room of 7 adults. You’re already nervous, putting on your best face, and the experts are calling you broken, calling you a failure, reminding you of the dirty secret you already believe in the depths of your despair when no one else is around– something’s wrong with you. If they would only, could only understand that, with all your being, you want nothing else but to, for once, be thought of as normal.

After That ARD , I Realized No One Else Is Gonna Do It, So I Gotta…

Here Are My Thoughts…

It is historically documented that ADHD’ers are innovative thinkers. They are catalysts; they, in short… are world changers.

They are the ones that dream beyond being normal, that don’t fit inside the category of normal. They aren’t neat and tidy little puzzle pieces, fitting in a neat and tidy little box. That’s because they don’t see the world like “normal” people.

Here’s My Premise For The State of Texas:
Rather than stick the little nuisances in a box marked disability, rather than tear apart the tender self-esteem and catalyst-fire of their creative souls, let’s turn our entire education doctrine on its collective head, shake free all the loose, random supposition of “modern” thinking, and thrust these kids, along with their so-called disabilities, into the forefront and let them lead.

Let Normal Follow.

Hear Me Out:

Dreamer says “The world is round, not flat.”

Normal says “Nope, you’re weird, get back in line, hush, sit still, the world is flat.”

Dreamer says, “Nope, I can’t prove it, but the world is round. Let me get in a boat and sail to the very edge of the earth and see if I’ll really fall off.”

Normal says, “No way, it’s not possible. We are over here right now, doing what we’ve always done, trying to maintain what we know will work. So quit being dumb, shut your mouth, stop being antsy and do like little Jimmy here. He’s Normal. Why can’t you be Normal, too?”

Dreamer says, “I gotta go, now! Please let me go. I don’t know why I feel the urge to get moving but I know it’s right.”

Normal says, “Stay right where you… oh never mind, if it’ll shut you up, then go, just go. I’m tired of messing with you. I have all these Normals to take care of and I can’t expend any more energy on your craziness.”

So, feeling alone, emotionally worn and worthless, Dreamer goes.

But Then, In Some Way Dreamer Can’t Even Begin To Describe Himself… Dreamer proves the world is round; Dreamer discovers a new land; Dreamer plants a flag for the Normals back in Normalville and builds a house in uncharted territory. But then, after much cajoling and promises that this new place is indeed safe, the Normals move in. They setup shop.

Dreamer looks outside the shrinking walls of New Normalsville and Dreamer gets antsy. He fidgets. He’s got an idea and he can’t sit still.

“Please let me go west,” the Dreamer says.

“No,” says Normal. “We’ve had this conversation before. Plus, there are Indians, and plagues, due process that must be followed because they are proven strategies of how everything will work properly, if followed correctly. Plus, it might rain, and strange itchy diseases might hop on your skin and you’d give it to us. It’s just not the right way to do things.”

But, Dreamer knows the truth. He knows better, now, and so, Dreamer goes…

Does the Texas Education Agency truly want to lead the nation and the world in students over-flowing with innovation, students that not only adopt but create bleeding-edge technology, and continue to lead the corporate business arena and job creation?

Then quit kicking your Trail Blazers in the face, and let them blaze.

Turn loose the Dreamers.


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