ADHD For Dummies

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Building Up The ADHD Child
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This is a response I left for a parent of a 5 year old ADHDer on 10mg ritilan. (Couldn’t copy it.) She was fed up, her kid wouldn’t play t-ball like the normal kids, and was fascinated by Star Wars.

1) Why Isn’t He Normal? He is, You’re The Weird One!
His normal, is not the “normal” people’s normal, but — here’s where you take a deep breath — it’s his “normal.” in my opinion, the biggest long term disservice any parent or educator can do is to fit him in the “normal” box.

2) Embrace “Who” He Is.
He’s the next Steve Jobs, or the explorer that does what everyone else said you shouldn’t or couldn’t. He pushes the boundaries because his imagination, his home, his city, his country’s not big enough to contain him. (Hello Chris Columbus or Lewis and Clark!)

3) Keep. Standing. Up. To. Him.
He NEEDS you to stand firm because every little explorer needs a home base, a last outpost, that will resolutely stand firm, to return to.

4) Don’t Give Up! Ever!
You’ll want to, but please, for the sake of the potential multitudes his talents will forever change, don’t, give, up!

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